Tennis – Top 5 most important health benefits of playing tennis

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The outstanding choice to maintain your health can be America’s favorite racquet sport. Tennis engages the numerous organ of our body besides numerous muscle groups. Thus, it helps in the full-body workout.

Although, it is sure, when you spend time playing outdoor games with your friend your heart starts pumping, and your quads and hamstring firing. The most important thing to note is, tennis is a social distancing friendly game. Therefore, you can prefer it to play safely during Covid- 19 pandemic situation.

Top 5 most important health benefits of playing tennis

1) Helps to maintain Cardiovascular Health

Any kind of aerobic activity can help you to strengthen your heart. Some of the activities while playing tennis help you to strengthen your heart work. These activities could be running down the court, jumping for perfect swing, and chasing the runaway balls.

When your heart rate rises, your breathing gets deeper and deeper, this will lead to an increase in oxygen and blood flow throughout the body. All these will contribute to maintaining a stronger cardiovascular system.

It has been found that participation in tennis sport led to a reduction in the death rate due to cardiovascular disease. Also, there was a reduction in the mortality rate due to any other cause.

2) Support to reduce weight

When you involved yourself in the tennis sport, this not only protects your heart but also helps you to reduce your weight if it is one of your goals. One study had revealed that men and women who added aerobic exercise like tennis sport in their daily routine at least four days a week, lost a significant amount of weight over 8 months. Even without making any changes in their regular diet.

Depending on your intensity and weight, you can burn numerous amount of calories per hour while playing tennis. If you wish to have a greater loss in your weight then you can follow some strict diet along with this racquet sport.

3) Improves Balance

Benefits of playing tennis : itsmotivationsea

The concept of good balance is thought to be very important in tennis (even, if you are not going to topple over every time you lean over for a backhand). With the help of a tennis racquet, you can train your body to maintains its equilibrium state while hitting and serving with the two-foot extension of your arm.

4) Promotes Agility
Promote Agility is one benefit of playing tennis

Who the hell would not like to be more agile? Though the fancy footwork of tennis can help you get lighter on your feet.

Particularly, tennis is not a straight-line sport. Here, you have to cover the entire court, which expects you to move forward and backward side-to-side, and diagonal movement patterns. Players who play tennis frequently change direction, stop and start, and accelerate and decelerate. They also need to change their vertical positioning for low balls as well as overhead volleys and serves. For low balls as well as overhead volleys and serves they had to change their vertical positioning.

According to experts, this frequent switching of players’ in tennis trains their body and brain to adapt more quickly.

5) Increase Vitamin D Exposure
Benefits of playing tennis: increase vitamin D Exposure

Acquiring a sufficient amount of vitamin D has been related to improved heart health, reduced risk of cancer, and a stronger immune system.

When you play this racquet game outdoors, the more you likely to absorb Vitamin D from sun exposure. Some facts have indicated that our body receives most of the vitamin D from sunlight during mid-day. So, try to schedule your match in the afternoon. As long as it’s must not be that hot at that time during the mid-day.

Frequently exposure to the UV rays can hold you at risk of skin cancer. So, to avoid this risk try to wear sunscreen.

All the benefits mentioned here in this blog is surely the best one. Hope you liked this blog. Give your reviews, how much you are agree with the following benefits. Also, do share this blog with your loved ones.

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