Sensitive person : Top 3 things only they will understand

Sensitive Person: Top 3 things which they will only understand

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Do you think about, and feel things much more intensely than other people do. If Yes, then you’re probably a part of the 15 to 20 % population who are considered highly sensitive person.

Being a highly sensitive person or hsp means that you’re more naturally inclined than other people to process information on a deep level. The Highly sensitive people are usually beware of themselves, and they are more perceptive and empathetic. The most stimulation is processed differently because of a biological difference in a hsp’s nervous system.

All the senses are heightened and felt more deeply which means they can become overloaded much quicker as well. If you are a highly sensitive person then you will get these 3 things.

Sensitive Person: Top 3 things which they will only understand


Sensitive person : Loud noise can be overwhelming

• Anything at high volumes can overwhelm a highly sensitive person quickly whether it’s concerts, movie, theaters or just music and headphones.

• While no one likes having battered eardrums. Loud noises can send your senses into overdrive. This gets worse when you have no way to control the volume and you end up with feeling like the weird or difficult one. Since, it generally doesn’t seem to bother other people.

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Sensitive person : Inadequate sleeps equal hell

• I’m sure everyone can agree that life can be really draining, and it can make anyone feel worn out now and then.

• But this is even more so for highly sensitive person who need more sleep than other people. Not getting enough sleep means you don’t get a chance to rest and give your mind and body a break.

• This can feel like hell. Everything is even more intense than usual. Because your senses haven’t been given the reset they need, and minor irritations will feel worse than they are.


Frequent emotional exhaustion

• Regardless of how you may be feeling seeing someone go through a not so pleasant experience, full of negative emotions can affect your mood as well.

• If they feel stressed suddenly, you feel stressed. If they feel sad, you feel sad too as a highly sensitive person. With the ability to empathize so well rather than just sense how others feel.

• You actually absorb and feel their emotions and carrying the weight of other people’s emotions in addition to your own. This often leads to emotional exhaustion.

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