Brain health : 3 Habits which can damage your brain

Brain Health : 3 Habits you must know which damage your brain

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Your brain is one unequalled organ as far as your body goes. This is one chief organ we are talking about. It contains about a hundred billion plus cells that collectively control basically everything your body does.

Nowadays I find one very odd thing that most people have got negative habits. That they’re practising every single day in their routine. It seems like they are unaware of that these negative habits can cause damage to their brain.

The worse thing of this is many of these habits can have a long-term effects, and also, it can sometimes have fatal consequences.

So keeping all the things, in this post I’m going to reveal you the 3 bad habits you need to remove immediately from your day-to-day routine. Which is not serving you on any level and could be possibly damaging your brain.

So make sure to pay close attention to every single one of these points. Especially to the last as I’ve written the most important point till last.

Brain Health : 3 Habits you must know which damage your brain

1) Covering your head during sleep

Brain Health : Do not cover your head while sleeping

• It has been observed that sleeping with a head beneath the covers can cause brain damage. In fact, some observations indicate that up to 29% percent of individuals that sleep with a head below the sheets develop Dementia and possibly even Alzheimers.

• All such conditions occur due to lack of enough oxygen supply to the brain. The most acceptable thing to keep this issue at bay is keeping your head free while sleeping.

• It is also important to understand that covering your head as you see means that you’ll be re-breathing the same air that you breathe out. That air which does not contain an amount of oxygen our brain needed. So keep in mind never to cover your head during sleep.

2) Chronic lack of sleep

Brain health : Chronic lack of sleep

• Experts have shown that chronic lack of sleep puts people at the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders.

• Constant lack of sleep can harm your memory power too. This happens; because, in your sleep mechanisms are hard at work reading you from toxins byproducts that accumulate in your brain throughout the day.

• This mechanism cannot get sufficiently activated due to lack of sleep. Thus, failed to clear your brain from such harmful substances.

• If all those toxic substances are not eliminated from your brain. They can start to accumulate in your brain and can lead to severe damage to your brain. So here’s a solution get at least seven to eight hours of quality undisturbed sleep each night.

3) Dehydration

Dehydration can lead to many problems for brain.

• This is very simple thing but most people do not actually think of this and also do not practice this. Though water makes up around 2/4th of the human body and thus it plays an important role in your normal functions.

• Therefore, dehydration can lead to a number of problems like from constipations, migraines, to kidney stones. Dehydration can also affect your mood and overall brain function.

• Indication or symptoms of dehydration includes being more prone to anxiety, irritability, and fatigue. You must remember this; 3/4 of your brain contains water. Whenever brain get dehydrated it actually shrinks in volume. A study revealed that even mild or temporary dehydration can alter your brain function.

• The solution for this could be only one, try to drink some water in every 20 minutes.

Hope this post helped you in getting knowledge about how to keep our brain healthy and fit. You can mention your views in the comment box below. Also, do share this most informative blog to your loved ones.

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